img-curb-appealWhether you are planning on selling your home or not, stepping up your home’s curb appeal goes a long way to getting some positive attention for your home. Potential buyers, neighbors and you will love your home with a few of these easy and inexpensive steps.

Add some coordinated pops of color:
Most homes in the modern era lack character in their basic color schemes. If you home has essentially a two neutral color design, find a way to add some bold pops of color and then just make sure the pops of color work well together. This might mean you add planters painted a bold yellow or red or maybe even painting your front door a bold color that makes your entrance stand out. There are lots of ways to add color without digging in to new siding or trim.

Go Postal:
The mailbox is an often missed opportunity to add some class to a function and very visible element of your home. mailbox designBy upgrading the style of your mailbox and mounting stand, as well as the landscaping around it, you can really send a message of quality and style. Make sure the mailbox design matches the style of your home. A great place to get ideas for this is on Pinterest. Your postal worker will love it and so will your real estate agent.

Show a touch of Patriotism:
Adding an American Flag to your front lawn or porch area of your home evokes good feelings for many people and can immediately create a bond with any potential buyers. No matter your political affiliation, a flag can add that pop of color and be an inviting element to your home. Add a little iced tea and you’ll tap into some real feelings of Americana all visitors, buyers or guests.

Light the way:
Sidewalks and walking paths are almost always better with a little dim light to set the mood for a summer night of Landscape-Outdoor-Garden-Lightingrelaxation. With landscaping, you have to be a little careful. Some potential buyers are overwhelmed by too many bedding areas and too much outdoor plant maintenance. Keeping your garden areas clean and focused is best but adding some light to make them beautiful during the day or night can really set your home apart from others. They also look nice during the daytime hours so some low voltage lighting is a quick and easy upgrade for your curb appeal.

Clean and simple:
When people see a home that is clean and simple but adds some nice design touches such as we’ve discussed, they are immediately impressed by pride of ownership and it sets a real tone for their visit. Too much clutter (yes, even outside) can really make a rough first impression. Don’t force people to have to be creative on how they will use outdoor spaces, give them a little vision without overwhelming their senses. Keeping things tidy and trimmed is a great message to send and will do a lot to making your home more attractive to all who pass by. The good news is that, this one doesn’t have to cost much money at all. A little sweat labor and you’re golden.
These are some good, cheap ways to elevate your homes appeal this summer.

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